Carlos Guerreiro
bespoke intelligent systems
Helsinki, Finland
Machine Learning & AI
Data Engineering
Data Visualisation
AWS, GCP, Azure




BankingAnalytics pipeline, data lake, prediction models, optimisation, recommenders
FintechNLP pipeline, AI, performance optimisation
CybersecurityNLP pipeline, custom AI models
E-commerceAnalytics pipeline, policy optimisation, low-latency recommenders, visualisation
Web analyticsWorkflow orchestration, pipeline optimisation
TransportationReingineering for scale and performance
Health careSchedule/route optimisation, data visualisation
LogisticsOperational backend
EngineeringCloud scale-out and real-time operational dashboard of data platform

Machine LearningPyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, MLflow
NLP & AI HuggingFace, LangChain, FAISS
Statistical modelsPyMC, EconML, statsmodels
OptimisationPuLP, CVXOPT, COIN-OR, Gurobi
Data VisualisationD3.js
AnalyticsSpark (Python, Scala, Java), Redshift, Athena, BigQuery
Orchestration and infraAirflow, Delta Lake, K8s, Terraform
Python dataPandas, NumPy, SciPy
Streaming & real-timeKafka, Kinesis, Redis
Scraping & extraction BeautifulSoup4, Selenium
Python backendsFastAPI, Flask
Scala backendPlay
High perf C++Eigen, RocksDB, boost.asio
JS I/O microservicesNode.js

Certifications and Courses
MSc Computer Science, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Google Cybersecurity specialization certificate
Google Cloud skills profile
Certified Scrum Master